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Mga Basal na Salitang Morong

The home language of the people is distinctive in its intonation and the interchanging use of d's and r's which makes it different from the tagalog -speaking towns and provinces.These uniqueness and peculiarities may rightfully be called the trademark of a full blooded Morong folks.
A true Morongueno speaks slowly with a peculiar intonation of prolonged syllables especially near the end of every sentence. This inflection, the low tone and the almost slluring way of speaking the word, it is more pronounced among the barrio people.
There are many words that are uniquely Morong.They have r's in certain words which otherwise are d's in the language. Thus a Morong folk is often teased with the following coloquial expresion.

1.ang sanrok ay nakasuksok sa ringring sa tabi ng hagran

2.umahon sa bunrok ang magkapatid na lalaki


A-ABURAN -worm infested root crops or tubers
AGKAP -senselessness; insanity
ALBE -angelus; synonyms for "orasyon"
ALILISAN -sugar mill
ALUHIPAN -syn. Of alupihan;centipede
AMBA -syn. Lolo; grandfather
AMBABANGAS -a species of dragonfly
AMBUBUYOG -syn. Of bubuyog; bee
AMEN -syn. Of "mano po";a sign of respect where the young kiss the hands of the elders
AMPUPURIT -syn. Of hanrutrot; meddlesome
ANTUTUBE -syn. Of tutube;dragonfly
ANTUTULI -syn. Of tutuli;earwax
ARAG-ARAG -a make-shift cupboard
AROK -measure the depth of (water, etc)
ASWIT -to have sex with somebody
ATANO - from "at ano" meaning "why?" ex. "Atano't bang korni mo?"
AYOK -syn. Of bagay; befitting, appropriate or suitable
B-BAAK -syn. Of biyak;split
BALBAL -demolish or breach an earthen dike
BANG -"bang" is used instead of "ma" as prefix in adjectives ex. Bangganda instead of maganda
BANG-AL -syn. Of bali;to break,as of branch
BANG-I -syn. Baho; stink
BARAKBAK -refers to the unrefine movement of a women
BARIYA -syn. Of barya; coins
BASTIYA -a mixture of fresh carabao manure and water used to 'pave' bare ground one's yard
BATIYA -syn. Of batya; laundry tub
BAYIKI -mumps
BAYSAK -to play with and splash water all over a place
BILAWO -syn. Of bilao; a round, shallow native basket
BUBOG -syn. Of holen; small ball of glass used as toy
BUGLOY -edematous; an abnormal buildup of serous fluid between tissue cells
BUKANOG -refers to a person who act slugishly
BULADOR -syn. Of saranggola; kite
BULASTOG -syn. Of sinungaling;bulaan;liar
BULOS -syn. Of palit;exchange by way of barter;swap
BULUBOR -rice seedling
BUNGGAN -bloated, e.g. "bunggan na ng makuha ang bangkay ng tawong nalunor."
BURAG -a sudden loud outburst
BURANGAS -hot-headed; quick tempered
BUSANGSANG -refers to person who is pretentious
BUTITYOG -synonymous to "buturot" and "bukanog"
BUTUROT -a person with fat belly
BUYANGYANG -a striking revelation of some fact
BUYOG -syn. Of tulak; push
K-KAMBUBULI -syn. Of bubuli;a species of lizard
KAMBUTA -a variety of goby fish found in the river and the Laguna lake
KAMUYA -syn. Of gulo;ruckus,disordierliness
KANAGHALA -syn. Of plema;phlegm
KANAWARI -variant of "kunawari"; simulatedly, in pretense
KANGAY -wedding party; banquet
KALAYIN -syn. For lata
KARA -syn. Of gaslaw; playfullness
KASTOR -a man who follows and chats with a girl he's courting while usually while the girl is washing clothes in the river
KATUWA -syn. Of pangit; not nice;not suitable
KAYOG -a hip motion with the belly to the front; if jerking motion, it is said to be "kakayog kayog"
KINABOG -syn. Of binatog;bioled corn grain
KINAPAL -boiled mass of rice or ripe tamarind
KULAPYAW -shawl, apeice of cloth worn by women especialy as a covering for the shoulder
KULATAY -fence made form bamboo branches
KUMON -syn.for kasilyas;water closet
KURA -to ask or wait for something to be given with open palms
KURA-UPOS -moocher
KURAMOS -syn, of kalmot: scratch with fingernail particularly on the face
KURAWNGA -"may I have it"or "please hand it over"
KUROL -syn. Of purol; dullness
KURUDO -syn. Krudo; crude oil
KUTAKOT -implies an action that is done extraordinarily. Ex. "Kutakot magbihis si burdok"
D-DANGLAW -weak- eyed
DIANGGI -"di" as prefix means "there is"; "anggi" means rain splotted through holes of the window. For a person, the word "anggi" connotes acting beyond his capacities.Ex. Si pedro ay nagpapahalatang dianggi kung kumilos.the way Pedro acts shows that he is boastfull
DINULANG -a wooden soup dish
DISALTOK -with occasional emotional imbalance; tantrum; "di" which means "there is" is prefixed to the word "saltok"
DUMARINE -short for "dalhin mo rine". Bring it here
DULOS -an old, rusty bolo used for digging or general backyard chores
E-ELMANDAR -syn. Of manang; a church habitue
EH APA -an utterance of surprice Ex. Eh apa baka naman hindi totoo
GALA -means waylaid, lost. Saan ka pupunta baka ka magala
GALAW -a bewitching or spell on
GANITYO -slow-witted; not mentally bright
GANGGA -implies ignorance
G-GATO -weak or rotten (wood)
GULAY -ordinarily this means vegetable but in morong this refers to string beans only
H-HALUYHOY -syn. Of daing; groan, whimper
HAMPAW -syn. Of ampaw;sweatened popped rice
HAMPOK -syn. Of bilasa;stale, not fresh
HANEH -syn. Of "di ba", to ask for confirmation
HANGHANG -syn. Of anghang;sharp or hot taste
HANGYA -a narrow side street
HANRUKI -one who meddles even if not concerned
HANRUTROT -synonymous to "hanruki"
HARUROT -derive form the word "harot" meaning bewilderingly full in action Ex. Harurot kumilos ang batang iyan
HARUMBA -make a stroke or as with a whip. lash out wildly or violently
HARUNGAS -neglectfull, heedless, reckless
HAW AH! -it is an expresion to show surprise
HIMULOT -look for left over palay stalks after harvesting
HINLALAYON -syn. For higad; caterpillar
HIGOTE -this refers to "arroz caldo"
HIRHIR -rub against; rub off, e.g."inihirhir ng babaoy ang tagiliran para maalis ang putik."
HUNOS -syn. Of kabahagi; the share or portion one is entitled to have, particularly, after helping harvest palay.
HURHOR -means to scrub with "isis" leaves or brush
HUROS -syn. Of hibang; demented insane
HURAN -synonym of "hutar"
HUTAR -the act the pulling,synonym of "hila", "paghila"
HUYAG -loose, not firmly fastened
I-IKOY -to accomplished something bit by bit
IHUHO -syn. Of ibuhos; pour, cause granular substance, etc. to flow, discharge copiously
INAKAW -variant of "ina ko" meaning my mother
IGIB -fetch water
IIB -syn. Of dighay; belch, eructation
I-INGKAT -to go uplands
IMPALASTO -a local medicinal composed of lemon leaves, rice etc. girded around the abdominal area to alleviate stomach pain
INGIN -syn. Of ayungin; perch
INGLO -syn. Of ngongo a person with nasal deformity
ISDA -refers to the fish "kanduli" not fish as a general term
ISTALAPATA -barefoot
ISTINGILDI -a fancy style of arranging the hair; coiffeur
ISLI -flirt
IYILO -syn. Of yelo; ice
LAHIR -an effect on ones nature or behavior of; affect the action or thought;influenced; e.g. "nalahiran iyan ng ugaling aleman kaya marunong."
LAMURAY -syn. Of bariya; loose change, coins
LANG-I -syn. Of iyakin; crybaby
LANUBO -young branch of kakawati
LANTITI -dirty Ex. Lantiti na ang kanyang ramit
LATOK -syn. Of dulang; a low dining table
LASKIT -originated from last seat; free ride
LAWO -dried bamboo stump generally used for firewood
LIBOG -syn. Of pustoryoso; sophisticated dresser
LIPOS -syn. Of baha; flood
LUPAGI -syn. Of lupaypay; physically exhausted; prostrate
LULON -syn. Of lusok; to swallow
LUTA-LUTATI -syn. Of lampa; weakling
LUTOK -overripe e.g. "malutok na ang palay ay hindi pa inaani."
MABANAS -stuffiness or humidity of climate"alinsangan"
M-MABUHAY -refers to bancas (native canoes) which sails unevenly
MAKINA -syn. Of kiskisan; rice mill
MAGPABAYO -bring palay to the 'makina' for milling
MAGSANGI -syn. Of magsuklay; comb ones hair (men's hair)
MAGULANG -syn. Of madaya; dishonest, knavish,insencere
MAG-URONG -wash the dishes ex. "mag-urong ka nga BURDOK" BURDOK, wash the dishes.
MALMA -plentiful, abundant
MALUTO -syn. Of baon; portable food provision
MARAKULYO -syn. Of matigas ang ulo; hardheaded, stubborn
MAWIDWID -hard to please,wishy-washy
MINUKMOK -powdered corn grain
MIRA -used to emphasize identity, significance, extreme degree, etc. e.g. "mirang gandang babae." "mirang ramot."
N-NABANLIKAN -bested by a rival suitors in courtship
NAKAHAMYA -syn. Of nakalatag; spread out
NAKATINGARNGAR-not level; tilted backwards
NAGSIDERA -taken from the word "sidera", an ambulant store selling toys, china and silver other words "tyangge"
NGIRNGIR -syn. Of gilagid; gum, the firm fleshy integument of jaws and base of teeth
SIMA -syn. Of salakab; a portable bamboo fish trap
SINGKURAMOS -syn. Of tuhugan, sintos; a strip of flat or round cloth used to gird pants; belt
SINGUATSI -watermelon seed
SINTANG -syn. For timba; bucket, pail
NIRUG-AN -syn of dinuguan
P-PAKLONG -syn. Of tipaklong; a species of grasshopper
PALANGAS -syn. Of harungas; careless, reckless
PALAPALA -synonym of "balag"
PALATON -syn. Of plato; plate dish
PALIMAN-AN -container for cigarette or ikmot bunga
PALIPOR -projecting remnant of cut or fallen tree
PANABO -syn. Of tabo; dipper or water scooper
PAMIWAS -syn. Of pamingwit; fishing rod
PANGANGA -money gift of a visitors to the newlywed; taken from the word nga-nga, a bBeatle nut with buyo leaves touched with lime which is offer to visitors during the wedding feast.
PANAHINGA -syn. Of hikaw;earings
PANGO -without teeth. The other tagalog meaning for it is snub nose
PARIKA -"come here"
PASIMUNROT -it is another way of writing "pasimundo" zoologically "pasimundot" means tiny mice musky odor
PAUGAT -kerchief worn around the neck
PAUNG-ONG -heckler; taunter
PINGKIAN -flint; a piece of very hard quartz that make spark
PINTOS -syn. of paltos; blister
PIRINSA -an open, round flat iron; a container used for exorcism of evil spirits
PIRISO -syn of bilanggo; prisoner
PIRISUHAN -syn. Of bilangguan; public jail
PISTA -syn. Of pintas; criticism, finding fault
PISTAIN -form the root word "pista" which means contemptuous underrating as fault finding
PORBENTS -syn. Of subok; make trial of, put to the test
PUNGOT -forcible amorous
PUPO -syn. of Lola; grandmother
PUTHAW -hatchet
R-RAGAYRAY -continuous violent coughing; cough without let up
RAMAL -horse whip; to horse whip someone
RAMPOL -boiled blood of fresh water snake (duhol) used as dye on fishnet
RASI -synonyms of "punla"
RASIAN -synonyms of "punlaan"
RISRIS -shave off hair specially on butchered pigs
S-SAKAG -a type of fishnet normally used for catching shrimp
SALAHULA _variant of "salaula" meaning fishy; unsanitary
SALUGSOG -syn. Of salubsob; get pricked with a splinter, etc.
SAMLANG -messy, unsanitary
SAMUKI -a species of red ants
SANSOY -raincoat made of nipa leaves
SARAMULYO -mischievous, naughty, (said especially of child)
SARASA -set oneself against; act as opponent or check
SIDOR -semen
SILYON -armchair
SISIWA -a species of elongated freshwater fish
SUBYANG -a deep foot wound caused by a pointed object
SUG-OK -sprain of either finger or toenail
SURUTSO -rip saw
T-TAHINGA -syn. Of tainga; ear
TALAMITAN -intermingling intimately or closely Ex. Laging katalamitan ni petra si maria.
TALAPAKAN -syn. Of talampakan; sole of the foot
TALATAG -a improvised sheltered prepared to entertain visitors during a festival
TANGKURAW -"may I see"
TAPTAPAN -polished coconut shell used as food container
TARA NA -syn. Of "tayo na"; lets go
TATAPO -woo, to get the love of
TAWO -syn. Of tao
TAYAK -drool, drivel e.g. kapag tulog si burdok tumatayak ang laway."
TIAR -stand on the tip of ones toe
TIBANGLO -syn. Of sulo; bamboo torch
TIKLAS -syn. Of tigdas; measels
TIGALPO -a hindrance especially to witchcraft, mysterious agency or power
TIGAR-TIGARAN -a portable fish container normally caried with a "sima"
TIGBALANG -syn. Of tikbalang e.g. have you seen "jan jan" burdok
TILOS -syn. Of tulis; the pointed end of something
TINGAROK -uptilted;a species of small, pungent pepper
TIYOK -syn. Of tapilok;to trip or stumble due to false step
TUKIKI -a cotton shirt or undershirt with button in front
TUKMOL -sit moodily in a corner
TUGKO -syn. Of tuko; gecko
TULIYA -syn. Of tulya; a species of clam
TULOK -gangrenous finger or toenail
TULUGHOY -always inclined to sleep; sleepyhead
TUNGAG -innocent; not well informed
U-U-ANG -syn. Of uwang; beatle
UKANGKANG -syn. Of agkap; crazy senseless
UKYABIT -hang on abeam or a branch of tree
UGAK -dolt
UHOR -syn. Of uod; worm
ULOG -syn. Of bagal; a frustratingly slow movement
ULUGOR -deficient in liveliness or interest
UMA -syn. Of halik; kiss
UNGANGI -one who waits and watches patiently and hopefully
URANG -long pointed stakes generally used for fence
UWA-UWA -round necked t-shirts
W-WATHAW -syn. Of mangkok soup dish
Y-YASAK -syn. Of yapak; step on
YAYAO -syn. Of "aalis na"; "I will leave now."

from the book Morong's 400 years
a history of a community and its people

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